Sheepwash SquareSheepwash is a village on the southern border of the local government district of Torridge, Devon, England. The parish, which lies nine miles from the town of Holsworthy, about eight miles south of Great Torrington and about ten miles north-west of Okehampton, and is surrounded clockwise from the north by the parishes of Buckland Filleigh, Highampton and Black Torrington.

Looking at the village of Sheepwash now, it is hard to imagine that, in the days when agriculture was at its height, there was a large market held in the village square, making it one of the most important villages in North Devon. Increasing mechanisation of farming forced many people to reshape their lives and seek jobs elsewhere. However, farming still has strong influences in the area, with employment also being found in the neighbouring towns, local clay works or in the village itself.

The name Sheepwash is first documented in 1166 (as Schepewast) and means, as it sounds, a place where sheep were washed before shearing





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Next Council Meeting.

On the 12th May 2021 at 7pm the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Council Meeting will be held in the Village Hall. If you would like to attend please let the Clerk know so a seat can be allocated for you. Due to Covid rules we need to allow enough space for everyone wishing to attend. The Annual Parish Meeting will be Chaired by Alison Ansell unless someone else would like to chair the meeting. 






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